Geōde Environmental—a certified DBE, SBE, and WBE—is an environmental and urban planning firm based in Bishop, CA. Geōde is positioned at the nexus of science and policy with intimate knowledge of regional geography, biological species, and cultural history. Our integrative team of specialists offers clients decades of combined experience in comprehensive research and contemporary regulatory solutions.

Our Approach

We provide superior client service.

Geōde yields a team vested in project success, providing superior project delivery and greater accountability to its public and private sector clients. We are available on-call to meet your needs.

We are an eco-social enterprise.

As company philosophy, Geōde has a commitment to become carbon neutral. As such, we encourage our employees and consultants to work from satellite home offices, which reduces commute and travel time, encourages employee well-being, and gives us the opportunity to focus more resources on our clients’ best interests. These efforts have significantly reduced our emissions and minimized our carbon footprint.

We support small and women-owned businesses.

As a small and women-owned business, Geōde is committed to closing the gender and wage gap. We strive to empower women through leadership roles and offer fair, competitive compensation. To deliver innovative compliance and regulatory solutions to our clients, we actively partner with and support other small businesses and women entrepreneurs.

Executive Team

Essra Mostafavi, Founder and CEO

Essra’s 15-year career as an environmental and urban planner has cultivated interdisciplinary tools necessary for strategic policy analysis and sustainability planning. For the last eight years, she has worked on high-profile transportation projects of state, federal, and international significance: managing policy sufficiency reviews for the Palmdale to Burbank Section of the HSR and managing the environmental reviews and consultant teams on the $1.8 billion I-10 Corridor Project and the $425 million I-15 Corridor Project, both in the consulting sector and as a Caltrans environmental planner. Prior to transportation environmental planning, she served as Acting Country Director for the US Agency for International Development on sustainable development projects, honing her skills in sustainability planning. Essra’s public and private experience enables her to navigate policy and environmental regulations with ease.

Lennie Rae Cooke, Policy Director

Lennie Rae is a senior environmental manager with 25 years of experience specializing in regulatory permitting and CEQA/NEPA projects for public and private clients. Lennie Rae has managed the environmental compliance process for diverse and complex infrastructure projects on behalf of the California and Washington State Departments of Transportation, West Coast ports and cities, and the US Army Corps of Engineers. Her expertise includes compliance with the federal Endangered Species Act, National Historic Preservation Act, and the California Coastal Act, and Clean Water Act Section 404 and Section 401 permits. Lennie Rae also has experience in mitigation design and construction; coordinating design-build construction timelines with permitting schedules; negotiating programmatic permits for timeliness and predictability; and preparing permit compliance documentation.

Aaron Mir, Esq., Staff Counsel

Aaron is an attorney with 15 years of professional experience in the US and overseas. He has worked for the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the American University (AU) abroad.  Most recently, Aaron’s work as a Senior Contracts Attorney with Washington State has enabled him to develop extensive knowledge of government contracts, procurements, policy, and regulations. Aaron’s expertise is engaging public and private stakeholders to advance competing interests with an eye toward equitable resolution.

Hannah Bartling, Content & Operations Manager

Hannah has 6 years of multidisciplinary experience in environmental policy, biology, geospatial analysis, GIS, neuroscience, and animal health. Hannah is a specialist in data analysis and environmental assessment, expertly communicating technical research using GIS. Hannah received her Master’s degree in Conservation Medicine from Tufts University and a Bachelor’s in Biology from St. Joseph’s University, where her focus of study was at the intersection of science and environmental policy.

Statement of Qualifications

Learn more about our client services and project experience by viewing Geōde Environmental Statement of Qualifications | PDF .